How secure are we?

The security of your My Money data is of utmost importance to us. Our commitment to a secure working environment will ensure that your data is always safe and protected.

Access to your My Money data

Your data is protected by your username and password. No one else has access to your household information unless you have invited them and, in which case, they too will have access to your data, but using their own username and password.

If you are logged in and don't use My Money for an extended period of time, you will automatically be logged out

Managed hosting

Your My Money data is stored in a managed hosted environment at a secure physical location with 24/7 armed security personnel and offsite monitoring via CCTV. All physical equipment is also housed in a security controlled and monitored centre. Access to the data centre is restricted to authorised personnel only.

Firewall and Intrusion detection: Pastel My Money operates behind an industry-standard firewall. This firewall ensures that only intended traffic reaches the My Money online service. The firewall generates logs and alerts which are reviewed on an ongoing basis to determine intrusion, service attacks and injection attempts.  All systems are reviewed on an ongoing basis to identify possible weaknesses or new vulnerabilities. System event and system logs are reviewed on an ongoing basis to identify possible intrusion attempts.  Industry-standard monitoring technologies are in place to continuously check that the My Money server is available. This ensures that the physical environment is monitored and any system hardware or software errors are resolved within the shortest possible time thereby minimising downtime.

Data backups

Your Pastel My Money data is backed up daily. Backups are stored for up to two weeks. Data is stored in two alternative locations, accommodating multiple points of failure.

SSL security

The information you send to and retrieve from My Money is encrypted. Pastel My Money utilises a Thawte security certificate. This certificate is fully authenticated and verified, encrypting your data with up to 128-bit encryption (browser dependant) and therefore ensuring that your data is safe.